Strange polygons discovered on the surface of Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — While exploring the surface of Mars, experts noticed strange polygons, which at the same time have a completely natural origin. Polygons are shapes that have more than three straight sides. In most cases, there are five such parties. They were found in different parts of the Martian landscape.

Reported by Inverse.

Experts were interested in the find quite strongly, because it suggests that shallow ice may be present on the Red Planet. Accordingly, there used to be water in these places. In the Arctic region of Mars, using the Phoenix device, a huge number of polygons were recorded, which arose due to the fact that the underground ice first expanded and then contracted to its previous size.

Specialists installed a special camera on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. With its help, numerous ridges and depressions were discovered, which arose after the complete evaporation of the ancient lakes. At the same time, the device previously recorded similar forms among sand dunes on the surface of Mars.

The dune field, which scientists discovered, is almost a kilometer across. But could these country-shaped dunes have anything to do with water? Such dunes can be found quite often at the bottom of large craters, which is also considered an ideal place for a lake or a temporary accumulation of water.

Scientists will continue to explore the Red Planet, because dunes can be formed on it due to completely different reasons.


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