David Duchovny presented his theory about aliens visiting Earth

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(ORDO NEWS) — FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder from the TV series The X-Files, played by the talented actor David Duchovny, believed in supernatural phenomena and the existence of aliens for many years. However, as it turned out, his humor did not leave the actor in real life.

From the very beginning of his involvement with The X-Files, Fox Mulder was a proponent of the idea of ​​the existence of aliens and unidentified flying objects (UFOs). His office in the series was decorated with a poster with a picture of a UFO and the phrase “I want to believe.” While his partner, Dana Scully, was skeptical of these ideas.

However, as it turned out, David Duchovny in real life perceives all this mysticism with humor. With authoritative reports of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) emerging and Congress hearing testimony about them, the actor decided to share his unusual theories.

At an event to support victims of the Maui wildfires, David Duchovny and fellow actress Natalie Morales created a viral clip on TikTok. In it, Duchovny introduced the idea of ​​aliens visiting Earth as a metaphor related to the concept of the “Ship of Fools”. He suggested that the aliens who came to Earth could be either dentists or perverts from an alien race.

Natalie Morales couldn’t help but ask the question: “Will aliens be kinder to you if they came to Earth?”

Duchovny responded by suggesting that they had sent all their dentists and perverts onto a spaceship and were now circling around looking for people to take care of their teeth and asses.

Duchovny continued, “So now they’re circling, picking us up, drilling into our teeth and probing our butts.”

Concluding his theory, he stated with a smile, “So to answer your question, I think they will be good to me, yes.”

David Duchovny’s humor presents a different perspective on supernatural phenomena and alien beings. Ultimately, “The truth is out there,” but Duchovny believes that aliens may not be as scary as they are shown in films and TV shows.


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