Aliens are using space lasers to colonize planets, say Indian experts

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(ORDO NEWS) — Three experts from the Indian Institute of Astrophysics and Christ University in Bangalore (India) said the following: aliens can use powerful space lasers to move their planets.

Aliens are attempting to colonize space using laser technology capable of moving entire planets, according to a new non-peer-reviewed paper published by these three experts. This exciting theory represents something unique and amazing in the world of astrophysics and space exploration.

Scientists made their observations by examining the dwarf star KIC 8462852 and concluded that aliens may be using powerful lasers to change the location of their planets. The purpose of this activity, as experts suggest, is to create more suitable conditions for life on these planets.

The mystery began several years ago when an unusual star was discovered in 2015 and the possibility of it being used by an alien megastructure was suggested. The idea of ​​such a structure in space was proposed by astronomer Freeman Dyson in 1960, who argued that advanced civilizations could cover their stars with solar panels to meet their enormous energy needs.

However, Indian scientists believe that this assumption does not take into account the huge number of planets in our Galaxy. They point out that with billions of planets known today, there is no need to destroy entire planetary systems to create habitable environments.

“In addition, to create a shell only 8-20 cm thick would require material from the rocky nature of the solar system, including the Earth, which could destroy existing life and contradict the principle of planetary “protection” established by the UN,” experts note.

Instead, they propose that intelligent civilizations could either expand to planets with habitable zones or move planets into such areas using giant targeted lasers.

Experts are calling on the scientific community to turn its attention to searching for technological signals indicating the presence of such lasers in order to focus on a more targeted search for habitable worlds in space.


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