Curse-sealed sarcophagi discovered in Egypt: decryption appeared

(ORDO NEWS) — In Saqqara, archaeologists have found more than 160 coffins with ancient remains. On some there are a variety of curses that were inflicted, most likely, in order to protect the sarcophagi from thieves.

Egyptologist Salima Ikram noted that various warning inscriptions in the tombs were used to protect the remains from intruders who could plunder the place where the mummies were. She added that if a person with bad intentions falls into the tomb, the gods can get angry and break his neck.

Sakkara’s curse was discovered in the tomb of an official of the pharaoh, who lived more than four thousand years ago. They buried him in a mastaba. The curse was used to protect the official and it says that the same thing will be done with the property of the offender as he will do with the grave.

Such curses were used to scare thieves, because in the afterlife such tombs were considered the home of the dead. Also, inscriptions were found on the tomb that welcomed people with pure intentions.

Of course, the inscriptions and curses discovered by specialists have nothing to do with what is shown in the films. But some members of the public were still opposed to scientists opening tombs that are more than two thousand years old. Ikram said that the risk of contracting ancient microbes or fungi while studying mummies is very small. It is enough to use personal protective equipment during work. In general, despite the curses and warning labels, sarcophagi pose absolutely no threat to humans.


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