The eclipse corridor from November 30 to December 14, 2020

(ORDO NEWS) — In the fall of 2020, a record number of astrological phenomena occurred, which, according to astrologers, can influence the fate of people. Only in November there was a full moon, a lunar eclipse and a corridor of eclipses started.

The eclipse corridor is the time interval between several eclipses. According to astrologers, the phenomenon has tremendous power, it can change the fate of people. Incredible energy arises a week before the appearance and lasts a week after it.

The event promises not only challenges but also opportunities. So, the influence will last 18.5 years and for some it will signify growth, and for others – a fall and separation. The eclipse corridor will open on November 30. People should already start thinking about the spiritual component of their life.

Alena Nikolskaya noted that in 2020 there were only six eclipses, which is a lot. Seven eclipses are already comparable to the apocalypse. You need to start doing important things in early December, but “laying the foundation” is important before November 29.

Some inhabitants of the planet on November 30, the day of the lunar eclipse, will experience peace of mind. Relationships with loved ones will improve, peace of mind will come. A natural companion will have a positive effect on learning: the beginning of December is a great time to learn foreign languages, for example.

Among the negative influences of the moon are self-doubt and distraction. The number of quarrels may increase, but neither side will be right. It is best to avoid clashes, because they only make everyone worse.

From the 14th, the Sun, Mars, Mercury and Neptune will strengthen their influence. People will have to make life-changing decisions that will affect their careers. The time will be ideal for a change in occupation or place of work. True, the period will be stressful, so you need to learn how to cope with emotions.

During the corridor of eclipses, it is worth refusing to travel, especially to other countries. Feelings of insecurity and insecurity will eat up many, so you don’t need to test your psyche once again. The situation returns to normal by about the New Year.

To survive an impending event, it is worth setting clear goals, working through past mistakes, and abandoning everything that prevents you from moving forward. Also, the main thing is to protect health, because without it, other values ​​fade.


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