Could the Chupacabra be the result of a genetic experiment

(ORDO NEWS) — There is no doubt that biological weapons are developed in secret laboratories. Various epidemics have been flaring up in different parts of the world since 2008, when military bases were placed in third world countries.

Some experts believe that viruses such as Ebola, tureremia, bird and swine flu, as well as some forms of mutated malaria and cholera carried by insects, were developed from these bases.

And who knows, maybe secret experiments are being carried out not only on viruses, but also on animals?

He became smart and, having deceived the scientists, he went free! An indirect confirmation of this theory is that in the past two decades, outbreaks of various diseases have occurred with frightening regularity.

In Georgia and Ukraine, 16 foci of infection were registered for two people over 10 years old. Moreover, all diseases have never been observed in citizens of these countries before.

Experts from South American countries believe that in 1970 something irreparable happened in one of the laboratories for the production of biological weapons in the United States.

In those years, simultaneously in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, Peru, Mexico, Nicaragua, Belize, Honduras and Paraguay, thousands of cases of strange killing of cattle began to be recorded.

The farmers sounded the alarm, but no one could understand what was happening. Killed cows were found in many countries, but the handwriting and details of the crime were characteristic only for these countries.

The animals lacked all the blood in their bodies and was pumped out through two tiny holes. At first, local residents considered some sadists, possibly sectarians, to be the culprits.

But when tens and hundreds of such victims began to be found, statements began to appear more and more often that this was the work of unknown creatures.

Another mystery was the results of the autopsy of several dozen cows – they had neither a spleen nor a liver. Everything else was in place. Bone marrow and all minerals disappeared from the bones of animals. As a result, the bones turned into blackened dust. There was information that UFOs could be the culprit.

The theory of collecting biomaterials became popular, but did not solve the problem, but, on the contrary, complicated it to the point of impossibility. Protecting yourself from aliens is almost impossible.

In 1977, in Argentina, locals managed to track down a creature that attacked livestock. It turned out to be a hybrid of a kangaroo, a lizard and a dog.

“It” sneaked up on the victim, then, pushing off with powerful hind legs, jumped on the back of the cow’s head and stuck into her teeth. A few seconds later, the cow was paralyzed, and after another three minutes, an unknown creature left the scene of the crime.

Hunters repeatedly tried to track down the chupacabra (such a name was given to this animal), but the creature was constantly ahead of him by several steps. The mysterious being was 100% sentient. Some cryptozoologists consider “him” even smarter than a human.

Finally, in 1984, the Chupacabra was locked up in a barn, not far from the capital of Uruguay. To get rid of the creature, the barn was set on fire, but the corpse was never found at the site of the charred ruins.

Either the chupacabra escaped or burned out completely. In any case, the death of livestock has not stopped.

Over the last 15 years of the 20th century, the number of observations of the lawlessness of the Chupacabra exceeded two hundred cases only in the countries of both Americas.

An animal, no matter how smart it was, could not swim across the ocean without someone’s help. The fact that the creature settled in places where military bases are supposedly located leads to certain thoughts.

A genetic monster that has deprived the countries of South America of 75% of cattle in a decade. The Chupacabra is an incredibly intelligent creature, so it can’t be anything other than a lab hybrid.

The exact number of these creatures is unknown. The only thing that can be said with certainty is that the Chupacabra never attacks people first.

Some researchers consider it possible that the Chupacabra is a failed scientific experiment. There is currently a lot of research on the genetic linking of different life forms (eg goat and rabbit or cucumber and watermelon), and the result is not always as expected.

According to supporters of this theory, the Chupacabra is an unsuccessful experiment that escaped from the laboratory.


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