Coronavirus mutant

(ORDO NEWS) — Cases of the ‘super-COVID’ variant originating in the UK are spreading rapidly across the United States, a new study said.

“The researchers estimate that the variant known as B 1.1.7. Is 35-45% more transmissible than the strains previously seen during the pandemic.

Due to its more contagious nature, the number of infections of this variant in the United States doubles every 10 days.

Some health experts believe this will trigger the biggest wave of COVID we’ve ever seen, but others dispute this claim.

Of even greater concern is the COVID variant that has emerged in South Africa. So far, confirmed cases of this variant have been identified in three different US states.

A variant of the coronavirus in South Africa was found in Virginia, the third state to report a case of variant B.1.351, according to the CDC on Feb.7. Maryland and South Carolina also reported cases of this variant, bringing the total number of known cases in the country to six.

One of the reasons the South African variant is causing so much concern is because vaccines seem to be of little use against it.

In fact, South Africa simply put its entire vaccination campaign on hold after the results of a shocking new study were released:

South Africa suspended its COVID-19 vaccination campaign on Sunday after new research showed the AstraZeneca vaccine was not effective against a variant of the virus found in the country.

On Monday, the World Health Organization is holding a meeting on the latest developments in South Africa.

If the South African strain becomes dominant on the entire planet, it will be a complete nightmare for global health authorities.

And we are told that COVID will continue to mutate in the coming years. It is a disease that simply cannot be eradicated, and the Wall Street Journal admits that this virus can be with us for “decades”:

Governments and businesses are increasingly agreeing on what epidemiologists have long warned: the pathogen will circulate for years or even decades, leaving society to coexist with Covid-19 as well as other endemic diseases such as influenza, measles and HIV.

So those who expected their lives to “return to normal” will be deeply disappointed.


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