Coronavirus infected in the world exceeded 1.25 million

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — As of 8:00 UTC, there were 1 million 265 thousand 555 people infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus, 68 thousand 960 died, more than 260 thousand recovered, the South China Morning Post reported.

According to the publication, over the past day the number of patients increased by 65 thousand 75 people, who died – by 4 thousand 189.

The publication conducts an electronic calculation of the number of patients who have died and recovered, based on official data from countries.

At the same time, according to the American University of John Hopkins, who also monitors the situation with infection in the world, 1 million 274 thousand 923 people are sick, the number of deaths is 69 thousand 479.

The United States ranks first in the number of confirmed cases of infection, with 337,620 infected and 9,643 who died, according to the South China Morning Post and the university.

In Canada, 15 thousand 512 cases of infection and 280 deaths were confirmed, Brazil – 10 thousand 475 infected and 448 deaths.

In Europe, Spain remains in terms of the number of cases, with 130,000 759 infected. At the same time, in the country there are 12 thousand 480 died, while in Italy 15 thousand 887 people were victims of the virus with 128 thousand 948 patients.

In Germany, 95 thousand 391 cases of the disease were recorded (1 thousand 434 died), in France – 90 thousand 864 (8 thousand 78), in the UK – 48 thousand 388 (4 thousand 941), in Turkey – 27 thousand 69 (574), in Switzerland – 21 thousand 100 (685), in Belgium – 19 thousand 691 (1 thousand 447), in the Netherlands – 17 thousand 953 (1 thousand 771), in Austria – 12 thousand 51 (204), in Portugal – 11 thousand 278 (295).

In mainland China, 39 new cases of coronavirus infection were registered over the past 24 hours, 38 in people arriving from abroad, and one (in Guangdong Province) within the country, the Goscom Zdrav reported on its official website.

During the day, one person died of coronavirus previously infected in the country. The death was recorded in Hubei Province, which is considered the epicenter of the spread of infection.

Since December, 3 thousand 331 people have died from coronavirus in the country, 81 thousand 708 cases of the disease have been registered, 951 of them imported from abroad.

In Iran, there are 58 thousand 226 patients and 3 thousand 603 who died, in South Korea – 10 thousand 284 infected and 186 deaths.

According to the publication, in the world less than 10 thousand cases of infection are registered in almost 190 countries and regions of the world.

These newspapers are constantly updated in accordance with official information received.

Earlier, WHO announced a pandemic in connection with the continued spread of the coronavirus in the world.


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