Coronavirus causes a rash on the skin: doctors told how it looks

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Doctors discovered a new symptom of coronavirus, which began to be observed more often in patients. So, the virus provokes the appearance of a rash. Its presence is recorded by doctors in Italy, France, the United States, Spain, Ukraine and Russia.

Covid-19 can cause several skin irritations. The first is hives , when flat raised blisters of pale pink color appear. Such formations cause itching, as after contact with nettles.

The second type is acral ischemia , which is provoked by microthrombi. In this case, patients observe only redness, the skin also itches and itches.

A third common option is a bark – like rash . It is a maculopapular rash throughout the body, especially the limbs.

Mesh livedo is the fourth variant of irritation, manifested due to a spasm of small vessels near the surface of the skin. The manifestation looks like a grid.

A vesicular rash is small blisters that are characteristic of chickenpox.

Also quite often there is a petechial rash . Bright red spots, very small in size, were recorded in 20% of patients in northern Italy.


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