A great corridor of eclipses is coming the astrologer told what to fear

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In June, several large-scale events are expected: two lunar eclipses and one solar. These phenomena, according to astrologers, are fraught with some danger. Now we are in a period of calm, which came after the planets were built in a certain way in March-April.

Eclipses and the transition of planets to retrograde will affect the mental health of people. So, according to astrologer Vitaly Berdnik, Uranus will increase anxiety levels several times. Moments of panic are not ruled out.

There will be no more calm days, as now, in 2020. The lull period will end before the first eclipse in June. Summer will give humanity as many as two lunar eclipses and one solar eclipse.

Restructuring of the planets is expected on June 13. The transition to retrograde Venus will begin, which will wake up the old problems of people. In total, five planets will change position. They will cause inhibition of all processes and undertakings of people.

The astrologer urges you to be careful and carefully analyze all actions so that the changes are not painful.


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