Conspiracy: Snowden papers prove aliens rule US

(ORDO NEWS) — The spyware that ex-CIA and NSA officer Edward Snowden exposes may not have been created by the American government. According to the Iranian news agency Fars, the aliens who took over the White House back in 1945 are actually behind the total US espionage, Inopress writes, citing an article in the Foreign Policy blog of journalist Caitlin Fossett.

The corresponding message appeared on the agency’s website on Sunday. Moreover, Fars used the material of – an ultra-marginal online publication of lovers of conspiracy theories. The authors of the article refer to materials allegedly provided to the Russian special services by ex-CIA officer Edward Snowden.

According to this information, the alien government is based in Nevada. As stated in the article, the scandalous programs of the NSA are in fact a tool of aliens who, with their help, try to hide their presence on Earth and establish world domination. “All of this is being asserted as an indisputable fact without any reservations,” the Washington Post, who drew attention to the note.

The final report of the FSB, which is cited in the material, allegedly states that in 1954, the “Tall White” aliens entered into an agreement with US President Dwight Eisenhower to create a secret regime to rule America and the whole world. At the same time, earlier representatives of the same alien race were behind the rise of Nazi Germany in the 30s of the last century, supplying Adolf Hitler with secret technical developments. In particular, the article reports that the Tall Whites helped increase the number of German submarines in the 1930s from 57 to 1,163.

As the journalists of The Washington Post note, this, however, does not explain why the aliens who know how to make interstellar travel needed submarines, moreover, such imperfect ones as those of Hitler’s Germany. Not to mention how the omnipotent aliens generally admitted defeat at the hands of their allies, who were simply “cavemen” compared to them.

According to Snowden, quoted in the note, now “there are two governments in the United States: the elected and the secret, which is ruled from darkness.”

The current US President Barack Obama, the report claims, is an alien puppet, but there is a faction of opponents of the secret alien regime in the American government. ”The Russian authorities should fear most of all that the opponents of the“ secret regime ”of the Tall Whites are themselves connected with another alien force. “, – below is a quote from the” document “.

The cited “FSB report” also expresses concern that aliens are currently creating a global electronic surveillance system in order to completely hide information about their presence on Earth. In the “Snowden Papers” it is noted that this happens the day before, i.e. The last phase, which will complete their plan of total assimilation and the establishment of world domination.

As additional evidence, it cites excerpts from an interview given by former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer to the Russian TV channel Russia Today. According to the former head of the Canadian Department of Defense, who led the country’s armed forces during the Cold War, aliens have visited Earth for thousands of years and nowadays are also among us.

“I know they are. In fact, they have been visiting our planet for thousands of years. During the Cold War, in 1961, about 50 UFOs flew from Soviet territory to southern Europe, and the Allied High Command was about to raise the alarm when they turned around and disappeared in the North Pole region. We conducted an investigation and three years later found out that the planet was visited by at least four types of aliens, ”the ex-minister is convinced.

“According to the latest reports that I receive from various sources, there are more than 80 species of aliens. Some of them are so much like us that they can walk the streets, and you will not recognize them even if you walk nearby, ” Hellyer said on the SophieCo program that aired in late December 2013.

“Those we call Nordic Blondes or Tall Whites are working with the US Air Force in Nevada. If you see any of them, you will think that he or she is from Denmark or from somewhere else. A couple of their women, dressed as nuns, once went to Las Vegas for shopping, and no one noticed them, “said the former Minister of Defense of Canada.

According to him, the so-called The Short Grays are short aliens with gray skin, slender arms and legs, a large head and huge brown eyes, well-known in modern pop culture. Hellyer is believed to have made his statements after gaining access to documents also in Snowden’s possession.

We will remind, in early June, ex-CIA officer Edward Snowden told the media that the largest American Internet companies provided the CIA and NSA with access to their servers, which allowed intelligence agencies to obtain any information about users around the world.

Snowden himself, still in Russia, was recently invited to the board of directors of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, the foundation’s website says.

The Freedom of the Press Foundation was founded in December 2012 to support and protect journalists who seek the transparency of information that they believe is of public interest. The board of directors of the fund, among others, included former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Daniel Ellsberg, who organized the leaked Pentagon documents on the Vietnam War in the 1960s, as well as American film actor John Cusack and columnist for the British Guardian newspaper Glenn Greenwald, who became famous for publishing Snowden’s revelations. During its existence, the organization managed to raise more than 500 thousand dollars to support the activities of the scandalous site of revelations WikiLeaks and similar resources, RIA Novosti reports.

Foundation co-founder Daniel Ellsberg said: “It is with pride and respect that I welcome Edward Snowden to the Board of Directors of the Press Freedom Foundation . He is the quintessential American whistleblower and my personal hero.”

Snowden himself, in turn, expressed his readiness to cooperate with “such outstanding Americans as Daniel Ellsberg,” according to the website of the fund.


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