Cockatoo entered the “arms race” with people

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have reported that Australian cockatoos appear to be in an “arms race” with humans. The fight centered around roadside garbage cans.

The researchers said that birds first developed a new method of grabbing open trash can lids. When people tried to protect baki, cockatoos figured out a way around it.

Local residents said that “if they don’t close the bucket immediately after they throw out the garbage, the birds end up there.”

At first, people unsuccessfully tried to scare off the cockatoo with statues of owls. Then they started putting bricks on the lids of the garbage cans, but the cockatoos learned to remove them.

Finally, people even inserted a padlock into the trash can. “They are developing,” say the locals about the birds.

Scientists, of course, believe that the “arms race” will ultimately be won by the people. But the cockatoo’s resourcefulness surprises them.


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