Coca-Cola is changing the look of its cans

(ORDO NEWS) —  The company is introducing a new flavored Coca-Cola this month, and a new variety of Coca-Cola will follow in a few weeks.

It’s part of the company’s new approach to its soda as it moves away from niche products and tries to draw attention to its staples.

Coca-Cola is fighting for your attention.

In the United States, new versions of Cherry Coke cans and bottles are colored magenta, with a white Coca-Cola logo on the regular version and a black Coca-Cola logo on the Zero Sugar version.

The new cans and bottles of Vanilla Coke are cream colored, while the Cherry Vanilla flavored drink is a mixture of two colors (mostly purple).

Decaffeinated Coca-Cola and Caffeine-Free and Sugar-Free Coca-Cola have also been updated with these design cues.

In 2020, the company decided to halve its portfolio, ditching underperforming brands and focusing on the most powerful ones like cola.

Now the company is working on updating the look of drinks and attracting new customers with new products. New packages will arrive on store shelves at the end of January.

The updates to Coke’s flavored packaging are designed to “revamp, streamline the look and help consumers find the flavor they’re looking for on the shelf,” said Natalia Suarez, senior brand manager for Coke Choice Portfolio.

The updated jars are supposed to “quickly communicate flavors and clearly show full sugar and sugar free/calorie free options,” she added.

Suarez noted that the company began rethinking its packaging last year when it repackaged its regular Coke, Diet Coke and zero-sugar drinks.

The company also changed the recipe for Zero Sugar cola to taste more like regular Coca-Cola.


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