“Chocolate frog” found in swamps of New Guinea

(ORDO NEWS) — The “chocolate frog” found in New Guinea has surprised biologists. The fact is that her closest relative lives in Australia, and this is a green tree frog. The big mystery is the fact that the two related species live so far apart. Each of them went their own way of evolution, adapted to the climate and landscape.

Reported by CNN.

Paul Oliver of the Center for Planetary Health and Food Security and representatives of the Queensland Museum in Australia described the characteristics of these amphibians in a zoological journal.

The chocolate frog lives in hot places and loves swampy areas. Its neighbors are crocodiles, so it is very difficult to explore the species. Workers from the Museum in Australia named the frog “Mira” which is Latin for “surprised”. Green loves to live in trees in forests, has long been studied by biologists. Kvashka (the second name for the green frog) is even grown as a pet.

More than 2.5 million years ago, Australia and New Guinea were connected by land. Now they are separated and their landscapes are significantly different. There is jungle in New Guinea, and savannah prevails in Australia. Both the green and chocolate frogs evolved from the same common species, but they were separated during the division of the land.


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