Wuhan virologist’s wife dies of COVID-19 before pandemic begins

(ORDO NEWS) — David Asher, a former US State Department official, broke the news. The wife of one of the laboratory staff in Wuhan has died due to the coronavirus. She died before the start of the pandemic, but this fact was carefully hidden. An investigation is underway on this fact.

Reported by the Daily Caller.

David was told about this event by one of the laboratory staff. He worked there and after a long silence could not stand it, nevertheless decided to tell the truth. He wrote an anonymous letter with shocking facts. David Asher is confident that the signs of the spread of the disease were long before the announcement of the pandemic and lockdowns around the world.

So far, nothing is known about the results of the investigation. The Chinese authorities deliberately concealed all this, Asher is sure. There are still many secrets regarding the coronavirus that have not been revealed. Most of them will never be made public by China. Therefore, it is very important not to stop, but to check all the information.

American intelligence, like British intelligence, is confident that a global pandemic began due to a virus leak from the laboratory. It is also known that several scientists from the laboratory have also died due to the COVID-19 virus. Perhaps this theory will soon receive official confirmation.


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