Chinese burst intestines after a hearty meal

(ORDO NEWS) — Wang, 63, from Huai’an City, was so hungry that he ate a whole plate of dumplings within minutes. When he got up from the table, he heard a dull pop, and then a sharp pain followed. The man fell to the floor and began to scream, which greatly frightened his relatives.

The resident of China did not imagine that his meal would end not only with a heaviness in the stomach, but also with the stitching of this stomach. Relatives quickly called an ambulance: the arrived doctors hospitalized the man. Already in the hospital it became clear that the intestines burst from a large amount of food. Wang was on the verge of life and death. Last year, the Chinese had already consulted doctors for abdominal pain, but apparently did not heed the advice of specialists.

During the operation, doctors sutured the intestines and flushed the abdominal cavity. No one would have thought that a large amount of food could actually burst.

History is silent on how large the man’s portion was so that his intestines could open up. It is also difficult to imagine all the horror that Wang’s relatives and the man himself experienced. An unexpected dull sound and sharp pain completely changed the life of a Chinese.

The man is now recovering from surgery. Now he knows for sure that food must be eaten slowly and chewed thoroughly. Doctors advise a slow meal for a reason. It is also useful because the body, having received a small portion of food, is saturated, as a result, you do not overeat and your figure does not suffer.


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