Foods that can be fatal

(ORDO NEWS) — Products that can provoke the development of serious diseases or even become a cause of death have been named.

There are foods that have a positive effect on the body, and there are those that can completely destroy the immune system, provoke the development of illness or even death. Do not be alarmed, because nothing will happen from a small amount of such products in the diet. But if you use them regularly and in large quantities, then something terrible can happen.

For example, seeds in cherries can be hazardous to health. The same can be said for peaches and apricots. The bones contain compounds that, after entering the digestive tract, can trigger the production of cyanide. Just a few crushed bones are enough to cause serious poisoning.

Cashews are very often used for baking or consumed in pure form. It is very dangerous to eat these nuts raw, because the product contains urushiol poison. But if the product is pre-processed, it will lower the level of cholesterol in the blood, regulate the work of blood vessels and the heart, help to overcome anemia and put in order metabolic processes.

Do not eat red beans raw. It contains a large amount of the toxin lectin, which can completely ruin the stomach. Be sure to soak the beans for several hours before cooking. It will also take a couple of hours to cook.

Glycoalkaloids are present in the leaves and stems of potatoes. Such a poisonous substance is found in absolutely all nightshades. If the potatoes are stored incorrectly, they will soon begin to sprout. In no case should you eat sprouted potatoes, because there is a high risk of poisoning. The poison from the shoots can also get into the root crop.


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