China opposes US restrictions on the supply of Huawei computer chips

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — China strongly opposes the new US export control measures affecting the supply of computer chips to Chinese telecommunications company Huawei. This is stated in a statement published on Sunday by the Ministry of Commerce of China.

“China has taken note of the new US export control rules for Huawei. China is strongly opposed to this,” the statement said.

According to the document, “the US side uses national forces under the pretext of so-called national security, abuses export control measures and thereby continuously exerts pressure and restrains private enterprises in other countries.”

“This violates market principles and fair competition, the basic rules of international trade and economic relations, is a serious security threat to global production chains and supply chains. This not only violates the interests of enterprises in China and the United States, but also the interests of other countries,” the statement said.

The report said that “the PRC is calling on the US side to immediately stop the erroneous actions and begin to create conditions for normal trade and cooperation between enterprises [of China and the USA].”

“China will take all necessary measures to protect the legitimate interests of Chinese companies,” the document says.

The US Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security, responsible for export controls, announced Friday that new restrictions would be required requiring foreign companies using US technology or semiconductor manufacturing software to obtain special licenses for the supply of Huawei computer chips.

According to US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, the United States “will continue to impose export restrictions on most US technology for Huawei and related companies that threaten US national security and international stability.”


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