Hackers leaked a portion of dirt on Trump

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Hackers from the REvel group have published 169 “most innocuous” emails from a party of confidential data allegedly stolen from a New York law firm, which they themselves call President Trump’s “dirty laundry”. Prior to that, they demanded a ransom of $ 42 million so that the data would not be published.

The US FBI has classified hackers as an act of terrorism, and negotiating with a terrorist or paying them a ransom is contrary to US criminal law. In response, REvel members posted the first part of the data on the darknet, threatening to publish or sell the rest to the highest bidder.

According to hackers, the data stolen by them may prevent Trump from being re-elected as president in the upcoming fall elections. However, the data that they have already published is as far from “dirty laundry” as possible, the observer write Forbes Davy Winder. According to him, it looks like a selection of email messages, filtered by the presence of the keyword ‘trump’. In many letters, this word is used as a verb, and in those of them where Trump is still mentioned, he is spoken about in passing.

Hackers from REvil threaten to put up for sale data and other famous people. Among the clients of the law firm Grubman, Shire, Meiselas & Sacks, which suffered from their actions, were mentioned, in particular, the musicians Lady Gaga, Madonna and Bruce Springsteen.


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