Children in South African school complain that ‘ghost grandmother’ beat them

(ORDO NEWS) — An elementary school in South Africa was forced to cancel classes for a day after several children reported being physically attacked by an aggressive ghost that looked like a little old lady.

The bizarre incident took place last Thursday morning at Fakamisani Elementary School in the Plettenberg Bay area, when several children claimed that a “short figure resembling a grandmother with dreadlocks” appeared in front of them in the classroom.

Surprisingly, it was said that the alleged spirit was only visible to the disciples, and that he continued to beat the children until they threw salt at him.

Although this strange story may seem like a prank by students playing a prank on their teacher, the horror that gripped the class was very real.

The school administration was forced to cancel classes due to the growing furor and call the parents of the students to pick up their children.

Excitement about what was going on at the school quickly spread through the area’s social media, to the point that the news reached the area’s mayor, David Swart, who visited the school to “make sure everything was under control.”

Offering a local reporter an update on the situation, he sincerely conveyed a wonderful story, explaining that “it looks like the kids saw an old lady in one of the classrooms and either the old lady chased after them or just disappeared.”

He further pointed out that “there is some uncertainty as to what this woman was doing, whether she existed, and they are investigating it.”

The investigation appears to have turned up no tampering that fits the description of the mysterious “ghost grandmother,” so the school is planning to hold a prayer this week in hopes of warding off the sinister spirit.


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