Global warming speeds up ocean currents, climate scientists find

(ORDO NEWS) — A team of researchers from the University of California have compiled a new computer model to understand how climate change affects the movement of water masses in the oceans. It turned out that the influence is stronger than previously thought.

Before that, scientists believed that due to warming, winds are changing, which affect ocean currents. The new model made it clear that this is not the only factor.

The water itself in the ocean also heats up, even by tenths of a degree. Then the laws of physics apply – warmer warm masses rise and mix. Thus the currents become both faster and affect smaller volumes of water.

This phenomenon affects the entire ecosystem of the ocean. The composition of microorganisms changes, nutrients are washed away to other places.

Consequently, the well-established balance of oceanic flora and fauna is disturbed for centuries. This greatly affects gas exchange, because the oceans are one of the main sources of oxygen on the planet.

According to experts, it is necessary to start working on this issue as soon as possible. And, when developing regulations on the fight against global warming, these most important factors must be taken into account.


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