Cardiologists called the signs of a possible heart attack

(ORDO NEWS) — Some symptoms may indicate that a heart attack has occurred. Cardiologists from the National Health Service of England talked about which symptoms you should pay attention to in the first place.

The first alarming sign is pain not only in the chest, but also in some other parts of the body. Quite often, discomfort spreads to the arms from the chest.

Mostly the left hand is affected, but sometimes both limbs hurt at once. Pain may also be present in the back, jaw, abdomen and neck.

The second symptom is excessive sweating. You need to pay attention to the feeling of anxiety, which is impossible to cope with. It resembles a panic attack.

Do not skip past and some other signs. For example, severe dizziness, nausea, wheezing or confused breathing, coughing, and so on.

Specialists draw attention to the fact that shortly before a heart attack, a variety of sensations may be present, but still, most patients complain that a certain squeezing feeling occurs in the chest.

Stephen Powys, who is the medical director of the NHS, noted that you can ignore the early symptoms of a heart attack, but the end result can be very sad.

Some believe that they do not pose any threat, so there is no point in going to the doctors. But still, the sooner a person starts to act, the more chances he will have for a full recovery. In some cases, it will be possible to avoid heart problems altogether.


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