British guy claims he was attacked by 2m praying mantis

(ORDO NEWS) — When a worker in a dog food factory saw a two-meter mantis, he was speechless. Paul Froggatt, 26, was miraculously able to ride a bike.

The creature appeared on the road as the guy was driving home. The incident happened on July 16 last year, but to this day Paul can not sleep well.

At five in the morning, a British resident was driving home from work, when he suddenly noticed a strange orange sphere in the sky. She did not look like any object, so the young man took several pictures. Something moved and revolved.

The guy thought the sphere was following him. He drove into the woods in Warwick, where birds usually sang, but that day there was deathly silence.

When Paul drove onto the road, he saw a real monster. The praying mantis was two meters tall and had a light green body and huge black eyes. Fear enveloped the young man. The creature took a step back, it was difficult to pounce, but, fortunately, everything worked out. The factory worker continued his journey at an accelerated pace. The worst part was that the praying mantis and Paul could read each other’s minds.


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