Mercury retrograde has come: what absolutely cannot be done from January 30 to February 20

(ORDO NEWS) — Mercury, according to astrologers, will supposedly move in the opposite direction from January 30 to February 21. The event is just an optical illusion, which is perceived as a factor that negatively affects the lives of people.

Astrologer Arina Arturovna told what is better not to do during the period of retrograde in order to avoid a negative outcome of events. Mercury will slow down the flow of information, documentation and the speed of thinking.

Success is expected by addressing the following issues:

  • re-establishing long-standing contacts, possibly with business partners;
  • addressing issues related to children, education, land and real estate, which have always had to be
  • postponed;
  • finish projects that have been hanging for a long time;
  • pass previously failed exams;
  • do a general cleaning;
  • start thinking about new goals, lay the foundation for their implementation;
  • see old friends.

During the period of Mercury retrograde, you should not do the following things:

  • make important decisions;
  • sign documents;
  • make new acquaintances;
  • hurry;
  • trust everyone without checking the facts;
  • buy expensive items and gadgets;
  • make promises.

You need to mentally prepare for all outcomes. For example, an important meeting may suddenly fail. Do not be discouraged, time will definitely solve the problems that have arisen.


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