BREAKING: US Congressman intends to initiate impeachment of Biden on his first working day

US, NEW YORK (ORDO NEWS) — The new member of the US House of Representatives, Marjorie Taylor Green (Republican from Georgia), announced on Wednesday her intention to submit to Congress a draft resolution on impeachment of Joseph Biden on his first working day as President of the United States. This was reported by The Hill newspaper .

“On behalf of the American people, I would like to declare [that] we must make sure our leaders are accountable. We cannot have a President of the United States willing to abuse presidential powers and who can be easily bribed by foreign governments, Chinese energy companies. Ukrainian energy companies, therefore, on January 21, I will resort to articles of impeachment against Joe Biden, “Green’s statement was quoted by Newsmax TV host Gregory Kelly.

Green, as the newspaper noted, did not specify exactly what accusations she was going to bring against the elected president to substantiate her initiative, but during the interview she mentioned Biden’s “Ukrainian connections” when he was US vice president.

In February last year, a criminal case was opened in Ukraine on Biden’s possible interference in the work of ex-Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin, but it was soon closed, as was the case of an attempt on the life of the former Ukrainian Prosecutor General. Shokin linked the poisoning attempt with an investigation into the activities of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma, which was led by the son of the former vice president, Hunter Biden.

During the election campaign in the United States, representatives of the administration of the incumbent President Donald Trump tried to find dirt on Biden in Ukraine and withdraw him from the race for the presidency. At the same time, supporters of Trump expressed assumptions about the presence of certain “business interests” of Biden in China, but all these statements were not confirmed and did not prevent the latter from winning the election. Biden will be inaugurated on January 20 and will officially become President of the United States.

Green, 46, was elected to Congress in a November 3 general election. She is a strong supporter of the current president, who once described her as the “rising star” of the Republican Party.


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