Blindfolded horse scared Google Maps user

(ORDO NEWS) — What Google Maps users have not seen: superheroes running down the street, crime scenes, lakes in the form of hearts. This time, one of the users was frightened by a blindfolded horse. The picture was taken in the US state of Michigan.

There were two horses on it, one with a strange bandage that covered the eyes and half of the muzzle. The man thought that in this way the animal was being bullied.

Reported by the Daily Star.

After uploading the snapshot to the Reddit portal, a lot of comments appeared. Some users helped clarify the situation. Not without comic comments. The assumptions were different: a sleep bandage, punishment for misbehavior, a coronavirus mask. In fact, all of these answers are wrong.

It turned out to be a special protective eye mask. It is sewn from translucent breathable fabric. It protects the animal’s organs of vision from annoying flies. From the outside it may seem terrible, but the animal feels comfortable. The image is not a sign of cruelty.

On the contrary, the owners take care of their animals and try to protect them as much as possible. There are also similar products to protect the ears of horses from insects.


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