Diver collided head-to-head with a four-meter shark

(ORDO NEWS) — Professional underwater photographer and diver Josh Moore faced a dangerous predator in the Pacific Ocean. A huge shark 4 meters long could eat a man, but he miraculously survived. Moreover, the deadly meeting was filmed on camera.

Reported by The Sun.

Josh managed to capture this fantastic footage at the end of April. The action took place in the USA in Florida on one of the beaches near the town of Jupiter. The man arrived at the local diving center. This place is unique in that here fish are constantly in contact with people, so do not be afraid of them.

Josh hoped to swim and film the wildlife found in Pacific waters. On that day, a blunt shark hit the lens of his camera. It was a female in her last gestation. At some point, a piece of fish was thrown at her, and the shark enthusiastically rushed towards Josh. The experienced underwater photographer knew how to behave in the water when meeting sharks and tried to stay calm.

She swam up close to Moore and noticed the presence of a man a couple of centimeters away from her. Frightened by Moore, the predator dropped the fish from its mouth and showed its massive jaws with teeth to the camera.

The female was abnormally large. The approximate length of the predator is from 2 to 4 meters, and the weight is 250 kg. Moreover, blunt sharks are considered the most aggressive. Therefore, the man was afraid of such close contact. But now he has exclusive footage.


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