US cat jumped out of a fifth floor window and survived

(ORDO NEWS) — A video has leaked out proving the incredible abilities of cats. In the building where firefighters were extinguishing the fire, a frightened cat jumped out of a 5th-floor window. The animal landed safely on 4 legs. Then, as if nothing had happened, the cat went for a walk down the street.

The fire took place at the corner of 65th and Lowe. The firefighters extinguishing the building filmed this incredible leap. Later, the same people posted the video on the Internet. Commentators have compared the cat’s act to a “leap of faith” – a legendary trick of the assassins.

The video shows a black cat looking out of the window. In just a couple of seconds, the animal was on the lawn near the burning high-rise building. In the video, you can hear people holding their breath when they saw the cat jumping out. Many eyewitnesses later said that they believed that cats have 9 lives.

How and why cats land on their paws back in 1894, the scientist Etienne-Jules Maret told. The point is in the physics and structural features of the spine in these animals. They can simultaneously rotate their upper body in one direction and their lower body in the other. In this position, they control the fall process and calmly land on their paws.


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