Bats begin to die in India: photos and videos of what is happening

(ORDO NEWS) — A huge number of wild bats that live in India began to fall from their shelters and die directly on the ground. A lot of videos appeared on the Internet, which show that something terrible and incomprehensible is happening to animals.

Most bats die in Uttar Pradesh, a state located in northern India. Local residents began to panic and record all detected cases.

On May 26, a photo appeared on the network, which shows that the bat is lying on the ground and twitching, trying to crawl, but it doesn’t work. The animal opens its mouth and squeezes its feet into the ground, but it does not have the strength to at least move.

Photos quickly spread across the Internet. Residents of India began to put forward a variety of versions of why this is happening and what exactly provoked the death of animals. One version that most users supported was that bats died as a result of a heat wave. Many noted the fact that the photo shows that the animal is “hurt.”

Officials believe that the cause of the death of a huge number of bats was a sharp increase in air temperature, which this week reached a mark of 43 degrees. At the same time, tests and studies will be carried out to establish the exact cause of the death of animals. After some time, experts made a statement that the animals died due to the fact that blood vessels burst in their heads.

Bats are an incredibly important part of the ecosystem. They kill harmful insects, which are mostly active at night. It is worth noting that bats massively died in Israel last month. Then fans of conspiracy theory said that this is the first sign of a near end of the world.


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