British scientist talks about another terrible pandemic

(ORDO NEWS) — British scientist, Michael Gregor, warned that a new pandemic is coming that could hit the world in the near future. He is confident that about half of all humanity could die due to a new disease.

The scientist named poultry farms as sources,  in which there are a huge number of chickens. The specialist added that the cause of the most terrifying pandemics that killed millions of people was animals. For example, people contracted whooping cough from pigs, from tuberculosis from goats, buffaloes became carriers of leprosy, and so on.

Today in poultry farms there are terrible conditions for keeping birds. For each chicken, only a few tens of square centimeters are allocated. They are fed with dangerous and harmful drugs, and in the hangars an incredibly high level of evaporation of the litter is recorded. According to Michael Gregor, it is the hens that will cause the emergence of a new dangerous type of flu, which will spread very quickly throughout the planet and will provoke many deaths.

In his studies, the scientist mentions the Spaniard, who was considered the most dangerous of all time the existence of mankind. Over 50 million people died from it. The cause of the pandemic was established only in 2005. The spread of the disease was triggered by birds.

From a strain of bird flu, which was discovered in 1997, 18 people fell ill and a third of them died. This strain has also been transmitted to humans from birds. Scientists said that then there was only a couple of mutations in order for this flu to be transmitted between people. If this happened, there would be a pandemic, several times worse and more dangerous than a Spanish woman.

This year, an outbreak of bird flu was recorded in Chinese poultry farms, but because of the spread of the coronavirus, they did not pay any attention to it. Then almost 4 thousand birds died. In order to prevent the disease from spreading further, another 18 thousand birds had to be killed.

Gregor is sure that there are only two ways to avoid a new pandemic. You can kill absolutely all the chickens, but this is not possible. The second option is to improve the conditions in which the birds live and closely monitor their condition. At the same time, the expert added that while there are birds in the world, it will not work to avoid pandemics.


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