Ball of fire destroyed Syrian village of Abu Hureira

(ORDO NEWS) — A ball of fire, which could actually be a fragment of a comet, completely destroyed the village of Abu Hureira in Syria. At that time, a huge number of powerful explosions took place all over the planet. It is worth noting that this village was located in the northern part of Syria about 13 thousand years ago. Archaeologists unearthed a site with the remains of the settlement in 1972, but due to the lack of a dam on the Efrat River at that time, the discovered old site was flooded with water.

Excavations revealed surfaces with a huge content of charcoal, as well as glass spheres arising from the soil melted under the influence of high temperature. Archaeologists managed to find several samples containing a huge amount of iron and sulfur. These materials are proof of the effects of incredibly high temperatures. Approximately one that is formed during the explosion of a piece of a rock directly in the atmosphere of the planet.

Some time ago, previously discovered samples were studied in more detail by Andrew Moore and his colleagues. After that, scientists created several experimental methods by which it would be possible to reproduce those materials that were found in the ancient settlement.

The results of the study became the reason that experts began to think about the terrible disaster that happened several millennia ago.

“It is not possible to explain the discovered molten minerals by any normal process. This could only be triggered by a strong cosmic strike,” says Moore.

In order to find even more evidence of his theory, Moore analyzed glass found in 2012. The results proved that a comet fragment really exploded over the ancient village, which wiped out not only the settlement, but also all its inhabitants from the face of the planet. It is worth noting that they were the very first Syrian farmers.


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