West Nile fever outbreak may occur in Germany

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(ORDO NEWS) — Due to a noticeable climate warming, experts expect that tropical tropical diseases such as West Nile fever can begin to spread very quickly.

Carriers of a dangerous disease are mosquitoes from the genus coulex. They also have another name – mosquito-squeak, common mosquito. The main host for the life and development of the virus are birds. The risk group includes humans and large mammals, but mosquitoes from them can not catch the virus. If West Nile fever enters the human body, then it rises incredibly high temperature, and rashes appear on the skin. In 1% of patients, a neuroinvasive course of the disease can occur, in which case the risk of death is significantly increased.

The Robert Koch Institute reported that in two years only a few cases of West Nile fever were recorded in people who had nothing to do with traveling outside the country. But experts at the same time do not exclude that there could actually be much more patients. It is worth noting that the virus and antibodies to the disease were found in birds and horses. In the case of birds, then infection could occur during their migration.

Due to the fact that the climate has become warmer and the summer season longer, scientists are afraid that the virus can easily survive the winter in Germany and then begin to spread rapidly. Professor Jonas Schmidt-Shanazit last year warned about how dangerous this disease is. He also added that in the next few years, West Nile fever could be a very serious problem for all of Germany.


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