The physicist found out what was in the Universe before the Big Bang

(ORDO NEWS) — Strange and hypothetical black matter could exist for a huge number of billions of years and be in the Universe even before the Big Bang. Similar conclusions were made by American physicist Tommy Tenkanen.

The specialist created a mathematical explanation of his theory. “With the help of this study, it is possible to expose the connection between astronomy and physics, which is engaged in the study of elementary particles. In the event that new particles are present in dark matter that arose as a result of the Big Bang, then they could become one of the reasons for such a unique distribution of galaxies in outer space, ”says Tenkanen.

The scientist is confident that such his thoughts can greatly affect the search for an answer to the question of where exactly the dark matter came from.

It is worth noting that this strange substance was invented when specialists could not explain almost 95% of the mass of our universe. In order to fill the gaps in research, they came up with “dark” types of matter and energy. According to the proposed theory, dark matter can make up almost 27% of the mass of the universe. In the case of dark energy, it is much more – about 68%. It can neither absorb nor reflect the light.

At the moment, it is commonly believed that dark matter formed almost 14 billion years ago. But due to the fact that there is no evidence of the existence of such a substance, many experts consider this opinion to be erroneous.

“In the event that dark matter were formed as a result of the Big Bang, then scientists could fix its signals by conducting various kinds of studies that relate to the study of elementary particles,” says Tenkanen.


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