Astrophysicists have discovered a possible neighboring universe

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts from Japan’s Kavli Institute of Physics and Mathematics have determined the nature of primordial black holes, which formed in the early universe before the birth of galactic systems and stars. Scientists believe they may have formed in “infant universes”.

Inflation is the period of intensive expansion of outer space, at this time there was a branch of the infant universes from ours. After they slammed shut, the released energy spawned many black holes.

Einstein’s theory of gravity defines two states of the universe. If you look inside it, you will see an expanding universe. From the outside, the object is a standard black hole. Infant black holes are primordial black holes that hide the basic structure of the multiverse.

Primary black holes can be found using the huge Hyper Suprime-Cam digital camera that the Subaru telescope is equipped with. Astrophysicists have already found one object comparable in mass to the Moon. The black hole is fully consistent with the scenario of the multiverse.


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