There are 600 super-fast stars in the Milky Way, 43 of which can escape the galaxy

(ORDO NEWS) — Chinese scientists were able to identify 591 high-speed stars. During their analysis, it became clear that 43 objects may soon leave our galaxy.

The discovery was made by experts from the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. They used the Large Sky Area and Gaia telescopes. The last piece of equipment is a European space telescope. The first telescope is located in China, it is capable of simultaneously analyzing four thousand objects.

The first super-fast star was spotted in 2005. Since then, more than 550 have been found. In the framework of new observations, this figure has been doubled: experts have identified 591 bodies. As a result, the total number of stars has exceeded one thousand.

Supermassive stars are objects with a high speed of movement. They accelerate so much that they can leave galaxies. The objects allow a deeper study of galactic processes, for example, the origin of black holes and galactic halos.

Hypervelocity stars arise from the interaction of a binary star and a black hole Sagittarius A *.


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