Astronomers solved a cosmic mystery that is more than 800 years old

(ORDO NEWS) — In 1181, Chinese astronomers noticed a very bright point of light that was similar in brightness to the planet Saturn. They watched her for six months, and then she disappeared.

Only a few centuries later, experts made a statement that they had managed to find the source of this mysterious phenomenon. This is reported by

It was difficult enough to establish what actually happened in 1181. Modern astronomers have found several clues in ancient records. The “guest star” shone for only 185 days and was located between the constellations Huagai and Chuan-she.

This information led experts to a possible source of the outbreak – a supernova. Its remnants today continue to form the Pa30 nebula, which is expanding very rapidly.

The clouds of the nebula move at incredible speed and can travel great distances very quickly. Scientists took advantage of this speed and performed a reverse calculation, which demonstrated that the nebula is fully consistent with the detected supernova. It was she who exploded more than 800 years ago.

A team of scientists from different countries also managed to find out that the Pa30 nebula was formed from a relatively faint supernova, the type of which is called “type Iax supernova”.


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