Obesity increases among children due to coronavirus pandemic

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(ORDO NEWS) — Experts said that obesity has become more common in the United States since 2020. Adolescents and children suffer the most. At the same time, experts noted that obesity can be attributed to one of the factors that can provoke a severe course of the disease. The new study was conducted by experts from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This is reported by MedicalXpress.

The pandemic has become the reason that the problem widespread in the United States has worsened. At the end of last summer, experts found that obesity affected 22% of adolescents and children across the country. Previously, this figure did not exceed 19%. Before the spread of the coronavirus, on average, a completely healthy child gained about 1.5 kilograms. During the pandemic, the weight began to increase by 2.4 kilograms.

Most of all, the problem affected children aged 6-11 years. The reason for this is believed to be that these age groups are more dependent on their parents. In addition, schools stopped working, which led to a decrease in the activity of children. Alison Goodman noted that the results of the study are far from encouraging and need to start doing something about it.

Experts have studied more than 432 thousand medical records of children aged 2 to 19 years. All of them were weighed at least twice. The first time just before the onset of a pandemic, and the second time after the disease began to spread.


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