A fugitive voluntarily returned to prison due to the coronavirus pandemic

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(ORDO NEWS) — Darko Desic was able to escape from prison in Australia back in 1992. All these years he managed to hide from the authorities in Sydney. But some time ago, the fugitive voluntarily returned to prison. The man is now 64 years old.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

Desich made a living by doing a variety of jobs that were given to him by wealthy families living in the suburbs of Sydney. After the quarantine was introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic, the man was left without work and money. He was left homeless and had recently been forced to sleep right on the beach.

Desic, who is a native of Yugoslavia, was arrested for illegally cultivating cannabis. He was imprisoned in Grafton for only three years and 8 months. It happened in 1991. Darko did not plan to remain in captivity until the end of his term, so on August 1, 1992, he used a hacksaw and bolt cutter to leave the prison.

Another reason for his escape was that he could be deported back to Yugoslavia, where at that time a brutal civil war was unfolding. Now a man may not be afraid of deportation, because this status was withdrawn 20 years after he escaped. In 2008, Darko received a residence permit.

On September 12, the fugitive went to the police and surrendered. He had to serve only a year and one month, but now the police will add at least another 7 years to him for his earlier escape.


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