Astronomers received an incredibly powerful radio signal from an object in our galaxy

(ORDO NEWS) — With the help of the Canadian telescope CHIME, an incredibly strong radio signal from space was recorded. Astronomers believe that this radio signal was issued by a galactic magnetar, which was called SGR 1935 + 2154.

This event plays a very important role, because it allows you to better study the origin of fast radio bursts and processes that can occur in space.

Magnetars are neutron-type stars that possess magnetic fields of incredible strength. In their power, these stars can exceed the magnitude of the magnetic field of our planet by quadrillion times.

When the magnetic fields in the magnetars begin to decay, this becomes the cause of the emission of electromagnetic rays, which belong to the high-energy category. It can be quite powerful radio waves or x-rays.

FRB are powerful bursts of radio emission, the duration of which does not exceed several milliseconds. During radiation, dispersion of radio pulsars is observed. Scientists today have not yet been able to determine the physical nature of such bursts. Astronomers have considered a huge number of different options.

These included young magnetars, which can form in the remnants of supernovae, signals of some civilizations, cosmic strings, and much more.

Magnetar SGR 1935 + 2154 is located at a distance of about 30 thousand light years from our planet and can demonstrate transient radio pulsations. Some time ago, the object went into a period of incredibly active x-ray flare. It was after this that Paul Scholz, along with his team, began to more closely monitor the behavior of this magnetar.


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