Astronomers propose to build the first extraterrestrial colony inside the candy asteroid

(ORDO NEWS) — When we talk about the colonization of extraterrestrial objects, we first of all mean large celestial bodies – the Moon, Mars and other planets of the solar system.

However, perhaps humanity should not rush and build the first extraterrestrial colony inside asteroids near the Earth.

The icy void of space poses a number of tasks for humanity to provide themselves with a comfortable home.

Future colonists will not only have to be wary of cosmic radiation and the solar wind , but will also have to be in near-Earth gravity in order for their bodies to function properly.

In the case of the Moon or Mars, the most convenient option is the construction of underground bases that will protect earthlings from harmful radiation.

However, the low gravity of these worlds cannot be overcome by just descending a few meters into the depths, and therefore researchers from the University of Rochester (USA) suggested starting with small asteroids that would have to be spun a little.

The idea has something in common with the project of creating a rotating space station, however, in the case of a completely artificial object, this will be a very difficult challenge for the entire earth’s economy.

To ensure normal gravity, the space station must be at least 30 meters across, and the larger the better.

Therefore, isn’t it easier not to “reinvent the wheel”, but to take ready-made material in the form of an asteroid?

For example, the metal-rich asteroid 16 Psyche is an excellent candidate for the title of the first extraterrestrial colony: by extracting valuable rare earth metals from its bowels, we will provide the new colony with primary building resources and get a hollow object inside.

Having untwisted Psyche, we will get an artificial gravity of half the earth’s, so it would seem that the issue is resolved. But there is another problem: hardness.

Most likely, Psyche and similar asteroids are not monolithic cobblestones, but a compressed pile of stones, so that if you try to spin it, it will fall apart.

However, this problem can also be solved by wrapping the asteroid with a strong material that will keep it from collapsing.

In addition, by covering this “candy wrapper” with solar panels, it will be possible to supply energy to the colony.

Astronomers propose to build the first extraterrestrial colony inside the candy asteroid 2
The concept of a new space station from the “candy asteroid”

Unfortunately, scientists have not yet invented a material with the necessary tensile strength, although there are promising candidates, such as carbon fiber.

Perhaps by the time humanity reaches the required level of technology to create an extraterrestrial colony, we will already have the necessary materials and be able to build the first houses inside asteroids wrapped like candy.


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