Expert warns about the dangers of contact with extraterrestrial civilizations

NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) -- This year, the National Space Exploration Agency (NASA) decided

Astronomers propose to build the first extraterrestrial colony inside the candy asteroid

(ORDO NEWS) -- When we talk about the colonization of extraterrestrial objects, we first of

Rh-negative blood is our extraterrestrial heritage

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Contact with extraterrestrials is dangerous for humanity, scientists say

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Avi Loeb and his brilliant book Extraterrestrial. In Search of Alien Intelligence

(ORDO NEWS) -- On October 19, 2017, while analyzing data collected by the Hawaiian Pan-STARRS

Astronomers have received signals that may come from extraterrestrial civilizations

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Mars rovers may be within 7 feet of evidence of extraterrestrial life

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There are four harmful extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy

(ORDO NEWS) -- Amateur astronomer Alberto Caballero, who recently found a sun-like star - 2MASS

Catalysts for extraterrestrial photosynthesis of oxygen and fuel found in lunar soil

(ORDO NEWS) -- Chinese researchers have found chemicals in lunar soil samples that can be