Astronomers have discovered an “impossible” planet with unique characteristics

(ORDO NEWS) — A team of astronomers has spotted an exoplanet that has unique characteristics. If we take them into account, then such a space object simply should not exist. The planet is the same size as Mars, and its composition resembles that of Mercury. The exoplanet was discovered using the TESS telescope. The results of the study were published in the scientific journal Science.

The new planet was named GJ 367b. Experts have found that it takes literally 8 hours to complete a revolution around the star. Accordingly, a year on an exoplanet will last no more than 8 hours. There is nothing like this in our solar system. Compared to Mercury, it makes a revolution in 88 days.

Other characteristics of the planet were not ignored either. GJ 367b is a rocky space body that has a higher density than Earth. The structure of the exoplanet resembles Mercury. This suggests that there is a huge solid metal core inside the planet, which mainly contains nickel and iron.

The exoplanet revolves around a dwarf half the size of the sun. The distance between objects is minimal, so the planet’s surface heats up to 1300-1500 degrees Celsius. This temperature is used to melt iron or rocks.

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