Astronomers explain why you need to fly to the moon before 2025

(ORDO NEWS) — A team of scientists from the University of Reading presented the report. In their work, they substantiated the importance of launching astronauts to the moon before 2025. This is due to the 11-year end of the solar cycle. Heavy-duty surges are expected here after 2025. Solar activity can harm astronauts.

Astronomers explain why you need to fly to the moon before 2025 2

Space has its own weather, its own climate and there is specific precipitation. Plasma flares on the Sun are just one of the weather phenomena in outer space. But it is these extremely powerful outbreaks that pose the threat.

So in the period from 2025 to 2030, high activity on the Sun is expected. Scientists have studied the indicators of “weather” on the star over the past 150 years and came to the conclusion that all processes occur cyclically.

A series of powerful flares will mark the final stage of the 11 year solar cycle. These flares can destroy comic flying machines and take the lives of astronauts.

The nearest mission to the moon is planned for 2024. You cannot delay the implementation of the program. But in history there have been enough cases when the launch of shuttles was postponed for various reasons.

If the operation is thwarted this time, it is not known when the next launch will take place. It will be necessary to re-monitor the weather in space and wait for the right moment.


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