Astronomers are baffled by the existence of a giant planet orbiting a star

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers and scientists from Holland have discovered another giant planet in space. It revolves around the star in an orbit just like the Earth around the Sun. YSES 2b really impresses with its size.

This is reported by Astronomy & Astrophysics magazine.

By cosmic standards, the giant planet and the Earth are neighbors. The distance between them is only 360 light years. Next to it is the constellation Fly. Why no one has noticed such a large cosmic body before is unknown.

What is known about YSES 2b sizing? First, it weighs about 6 Jupiters. Secondly, its orbits are 1 times larger than the Earth’s. Thirdly, the star around which it revolves is identical to our Sun.

Astronomers and scientists are a little perplexed. Previously, there were only two theories about the models for the formation of gaseous giant planets. The fact is that the distance of YSES 2b from its star, the weight and length of the orbit do not fit into traditional calculations.

The main researcher of this phenomenon, Alexander Bon and from Leiden University, said that research will continue to be carried out. The data obtained will make it possible to learn more about the cosmic processes that occur between stars and gaseous planets.

Research is difficult due to the insufficient power of the telescopes. Perhaps in the near future a more powerful technique will be invented, and we can all learn more about the mysteries of space.


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