Resident of Malaysia caught a perch weighing about 161 kilograms

(ORDO NEWS) — More recently, a giant perch weighing about 161 kilograms was caught in the waters of Kuala Baram, writes The Borneo Post.

Another fishing trip for a resident of a Malaysian village turned out to be an unexpected success. Fishing in these parts is one of the main sources of income for local residents. Therefore, when a fisherman spotted a huge perch in his nets, there was no limit to happiness.

Rybak’s name is Rahman, he refused to give his last name to journalists. A man has been fishing for almost 40 years, he was so lucky for the first time. That such giants are found in the reservoir, no one had ever guessed before. Now there are tens of times more fishermen here. And each of them dreams of catching a similar fish in the net.

resident of Malaysia caught a perch weighing about 161 kilograms 2

As soon as Rahman got the perch out of the nets on his boat, his catch was immediately bought. The owner of a local restaurant for tourists offered the fisherman neither more nor less. The fish enriched the Malaysian by US $ 2,914. By the way, this is good money not only for an exotic country. In Ukraine, too, many would not mind catching such a perch in the Dnieper … and selling it.

This fish has many names. The perch are called both giant and Queensland and tiger. It is a species of ray-finned fish of the Serranidae family. Such loot can be compared to winning the lottery,


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