Astrologer Vasilisa Volodina told who will get rich in the year of the Ox

(ORDO NEWS) — The New Year promises some people incredible financial success. Astrologer Vasilisa Volodina told who and under what circumstances should count on success.

Jupiter, according to a specialist, will be in different positions in relation to Pluto. This will give many opportunities for improving the financial condition of those people who were born in a certain period. We are talking about 1968-1996. People born during this period will experience incredible success.

The astrologer notes that in the Year of the Ox one can make expensive purchases and make important deals. Money will only go into the pockets of hardworking and purposeful people. Today, anyone between the ages of 25 and 53 can find a gold mine. In order not to waste time, it is worth developing a specific action plan.

There is no need to be upset if you do not hit the specified period of time. Hard work and constant work on yourself will definitely not leave you without reward. You need to stay optimistic, always finish what you started and not avoid problems.


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