A man after clinical death began to see strange dark figures

(ORDO NEWS) — After a clinical death, the man is sure that small figures of dark color somehow crept into his life. Their hero of the story notices with peripheral vision every day.

The story appeared on the site of the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation. A man named Roman was seriously injured (which part of the body is unknown). He ended up in the hospital in a state similar to a coma. For about a week, the hero of the story did not regain consciousness. During this period, he saw a corridor along which he walked along with a tall man. No face was visible. The unknown person constantly asked: “Are you ready? Are you with us?”. Roman replied that he was ready.

Down the corridor, the stranger and the patient were moving towards a bright light. There were crowds of people walking in the opposite direction. For 10 days, the corridor dreamed about 8 times.

Today, according to Roman, he sees strange shapes with his peripheral vision. They are constantly nearby, but one cannot say that the creatures are pursuing a person. When Roman turns his head in their direction, the figures disappear immediately. The man thinks that he has brought beings from another world. However, it is possible that these are the consequences of a severe injury (it is possible that a head injury).


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