Another way to get coronavirus scientists made an alarming statement

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Until now, it was believed that the virus spreads predominantly through sneezing and coughing of infected people. Now it turned out that you can get sick, even if you just stand next to the patient, since the infection actively occurs when he breathes.

For infection, it is enough for an infected person to breathe near you for a while. It was also found that in the air the virus can live for about three hours. That is why it is extremely important to wear masks for both healthy people and patients.

Previously, experts believed that the strain is in large drops of saliva, which fall on the surface when the patient sneezes and coughs. These drops are about one millimeter and can spread to several meters.

The infection will occur with a probability of 99% if a healthy person touches the drops and then touches the face. The virus enters the body primarily through the mouth, nose and eyes, but can also through the ears.

According to new studies, the virus is floating in the air in droplets of moisture that come from a person breathing nearby. For three hours, these droplets can spread in the air.

In the near future, scientists will find out how much virus is needed to get sick. Infection can only be avoided by wearing masks and maintaining a distance of 1-2 meters.


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