Another virus found in bats: he is a relative of COVID-19

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Recently, another fairly dangerous virus was discovered in bats, which to some extent resembles a coronavirus.

In bat organisms, specialists found two different virus genomes. One of them is almost exactly the same as the well-known SARS-CoV-2 strain, which caused the pandemic to spread around the world. Experts began to say that such a discovery could confirm the fact that the virus has a completely natural origin.

Experts say that recent research may confirm that the virus that triggered the appearance of COVID-19 could evolve naturally. Most likely, it all started with bats. After the virus evolved in the body of the host animal, he received all the mutations he needed in order to turn into the terrible pandemic that is raging in the world today.

Previously, scientists received statements that the insertion of amino acids such as S1 and S2 is present in the genome of a strain of the virus, which may indicate artificial modification of the virus in the laboratory. But if you take into account the latest results, then this version is completely incorrect.

A microbiologist from Weifeng Shi University added that such an insertion raises a lot of questions and to some extent points to laboratory experiments. But as recent studies show, such changes can occur independently in the wild.

Coronavirus genomes found in bats are called RmYN01 and RmYN02. The second strain may be a distant relative of the virus that caused the pandemic.


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