Astronomers have discovered the galaxy X, which is more active than the Milky Way

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Today, there are many galaxies that are much more active than our Milky Way. At the same time, they emit double jets of radio waves, which have an incredible power indicator and go a great distance into space. In most cases, they are sent in different directions, leaving a massive black hole, which is located in the very center of a huge galaxy.

Experts say that some galaxies can be more complex, because they simultaneously release four powerful jets of radio waves. This is stated in the results of a study conducted by SARAO and NRAO, as well as several other universities.

Scientists have proposed several different versions at once in order to understand this type of phenomenon. The very first version was that a black hole changes direction during its rotation.

Also, some experts suggested that in the center of the galaxy there may be two black holes at the same time, each of which releases two jets. Some other experts believe that the material can fall back into the galaxy, which leads to its deviation in different directions and the formation of additional branches.

Scientists have long observed a similar galaxy called PKS 2014-55. Using these results, the latest version was confirmed. Observations showed that the material begins to “turn” at the moment when it returns to the host galaxy.

Previously, there was no special equipment with which to capture this process. It was possible to do this only with the help of a sufficiently powerful MeerKAT telescope. This telescope immediately included 64 radio receivers, which made it possible to record waves of enormous power.


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